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Stop Rats, Snakes and Frogs with the MultiFlap click here to buy ther MultiFlap

Protect your toilet from snakes, rats, frogs, cockroaches & other pests – new device gives you total peace of mind.

See how easily you can keep vermin out of your toilet

Is your toilet being used as an open door into your home by snakes, rats, frogs, cockroaches and other pests?

With over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry we know just how common it is for rats and other pests to make their way into your toilet, bringing diseases and other threats into your home. In some parts of the world you could even wake up to finding a snake in the toilet.

If you want to make absolutely sure you don't wake up to find a rat in your toilet there is a simple solution however - our patent-pending MultiFlap vermin prevention device.

Our range of products, which have been designed by experts in the plumbing and engineering industry, are made with the specific needs of the UK, USA, and worldwide markets in mind. So whether your problem is a frog, snake cockroach or rat in the toilet, you can feel confident that our product will protect you, your home and most importantly your family from whatever might crawl up the sewers.

How does it work?

The MultiFlap is a one-way non-return valve that fits easily to the waste pipe of your toilet. This means waste still goes down the waste pipe as usual when you flush, but immediately after the flap closes to prevent anything nasty coming up the wrong way. The prevention method and the ease with which the MultiFlap can be installed makes these products truly unique. 

How can vermin get into my toilet?

Many pests and vermin are adept swimmers - rats alone can swim 1000m in open water, and tread water for three days. Damaged or unmaintained storm drains and sewer pipes easily allow vermin access into the main drainage systems. From here they can enter your home by travelling through sewers, up pipes and swimming through the water contained in your toilet system. The MultiFlap ensures you’re protected by keeping them in the sewers where the authorities can deal with them. 


The MultiFlap is designed to:

  • Provide an affordable way to stop snakes, rats, frogs, cockroaches, spiders and other pests and the diseases they carry from getting into your home via the toilet
  • Prevent cross flow in back to back fitted toilets
  • Minimise the backflow of sewage waste in the case of a blockage in underground pipes
  • Help in flood prone areas by preventing solid matter coming back up into the toilet – In heavy rain water levels rise and snakes, rats, frogs etc. enter the pipes as a means of escape. 
  • Remove the need for road works or demolish walls to access the underground drainage system - our non return valves are easy to access.


Great goods very happy works a1.
John D

Excellent product. Easy to install.
Peter B

Exactly what I expected, well made, works perfectly, arrived very quickly.
Anthony B

Thanks for prompt delivery. No rat up our toilet so far!!
Peter D

Innovative product, easy to fit
Neil M

Simple but brilliant device, worth every penny!
Pippa D.

Did the trick and very good sale. Would recommend
Manders Family

Great product - wish I had fitted one sooner!!!!
Michael B

Thank you greatly!!! It has solved the rat problem and my mum is happy again!!!