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The New MF-3 - For Drains

The MF-3 – Easily fitted to drain outlet pipe – no need to remove your toilet

The MF-3 will fit into all 4 inch (110mm) drain pipes, clay, plastic and cast. The MF-3 one way valve will stop the light penetration that attracts rodents and snakes which look for the light source. The product will not fall down the pipe due to a gasket which opens the rubber. The MF-3 can be fitted in seconds and there is no need for a plumber or trades person as this can be fitted by anyone. The MF-3 causes a physical barrier against rodent attack and will deter sewer rats from entering your property. The MF-3 can also act as solid matter backflow preventer valve.

The MF-3 is the only valve available that will fit into the discharge pipe. If you have one or more toilets you only need one valve, you do not need a valve for each outlet as the MF-3 pushes straight into the only discharge pipe in the chamber.

There are other valves on the market which would have to be fitted to all the outlets to get the same effect as fitting one of the MF-3. If you have 2 toilets in a property then it would usually cost around the £80.00 per valve and you would need one for each outlet plus fitting, by fitting the MF-3 it will cost £39.99 .and just the one is needed.

MF-3 Fitting Instructions

Remove the drain cover. When fitting the valve we would recommend hosing or pouring one or two of buckets of water down the catchment to remove any sewage left in the chamber before fitting.

Flush your toilet and take note of which way the flow of water travels, looking for the last outlet the water flows through.

Place the MF-3 flap first (taking care that the hinge for the flap is at the top) into the 4 inch pipe the water has travelled into i.e. the discharge pipe.

Push the MF-3 into the pipe as far as it will go.

Now the valve is in place, gently push open the flap to ensure there is no resistance and the flap closes when released.

Replace the drain manhole cover, you are now protected!

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The MultiFlap is designed to:

  • Provide an affordable way to stop snakes, rats, frogs, cockroaches, spiders and other pests and the diseases they carry from getting into your home via the toilet
  • Prevent cross flow in back to back fitted toilets
  • Minimise the backflow of sewage waste in the case of a blockage in underground pipes
  • Help in flood prone areas by preventing solid matter coming back up into the toilet – In heavy rain water levels rise and snakes, rats, frogs etc. enter the pipes as a means of escape. 
  • Remove the need for road works or demolish walls to access the underground drainage system - our non return valves are easy to access.