MultiFlap 1 MultiFlap 2 MultiFlap 3
MultiFlaps 1 2 & 3

There are three types of MultiFlap available which can be purchased from this site.

The MultiFlaps below are designed to prevent snakes, rats, frogs, cockroaches, spiders and all kinds of pests that are able to enter the sewers and then access your property via the toilet. Creatures are attracted by light; our MultiFlaps are manufactured in black to prevent light penetration.

MultiFlap 1 (MF-1)
The MultiFlap MF-1 will fit most toilets where the waste outlet is behind the toilet as shown below.

MultiFlap 2 (MF-2)
The MultiFlap MF-2 will fit most toilets where the waste outlet is concealed within the base of the toilet as shown below.

MultiFlap 3 (MF-3)
The MultiFlap MF-3 can be fitted in seconds and there is no need for a plumber as this can be fitted by anyone..

The MF-3 – Easily fitted to drain outlet pipe – no need to remove your toilet

The MF-3 will fit into all 4 inch (110mm) drain pipes, clay, plastic and cast. The MF-3 one way valve will stop the light penetration that attracts rodents and snakes which look for the light source. The product will not fall down the pipe due to a gasket which opens the rubber. The MF-3 can be fitted in seconds and there is no need for a plumber or trades person as this can be fitted by anyone. The MF-3 causes a physical barrier against rodent attack and will deter sewer rats from entering your property. The MF-3 can also act as solid matter backflow preventer valve.


The MultiFlaps are also an anti-cross flow device, allowing toilets to be fitted back to back closer together reducing the amount of pipework required to prevent cross-flow. The body is Polypropylene (PP) and the rubber seal is Thermo-Plastic Elastomer (TPE).The hinge and pin are made from non-rusting marine type stainless steel.

Fitting a MultiFlap eliminates the need to contact appropriate authorities or a pest control company to remove the creatures.  The baiting and killing of such can be done in the sewers. There are numerous cases of members of the public being bitten whilst using their toilet. Many reports of these can be found on the internet. Simply perform a search for ‘snake in toilet’ or ‘rat in toilet’ etc. A word of warning though the results can be a little unpleasant to see!

The MF-3 is the only valve available that will fit into the discharge pipe. If you have one or more toilets you only need one valve, you do not need a valve for each outlet as the MF-3 pushes straight into the only discharge pipe in the chamber.

There are other valves on the market which would have to be fitted to all the outlets to get the same effect as fitting one of the MF-3. If you have 2 toilets in a property then it would usually cost around the £80.00 per valve and you would need one for each outlet plus fitting, by fitting the MF-3 it will cost £39.99 .and just the one is needed.

Should you need some more information or just a little helpful advice, please contact us. We are here to help you.