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Technical Data

Overviews for both MF-1 and MF-2.

The MF-1 fits directly on to the toilet pan connector. The MF-2 fits into the 4" waste pipe. Use of one of our non-return valves minimises the possibility of rodents being drawn to the area of the toilet bowl and connector as the black flap will greatly reduce the luminance which is known to attract pests. Will provide a closed door to rodents in the branch discharge pipe under no-flow conditions, reduces backflow and prevents cross-flow in horizontally-opposed connections.

The MultiFlap valve is closed under static conditions and opens when there is flow through the valve, e.g. when your toilet is flushed.

When there is back pressure downstream of the MultiFlap non return valve, the pressure closes the flap of the valve, reducing backflow. When the flap is closed, a totally watertight and airtight seal is not created across the waste pipe; however it does provide a physical obstruction.

The MultiFlap valve is moulded from black polypropylene. The rubber seal manufactured from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is over moulded to the body and the flap is secured with a pin and spring.

Air and watertighness

The seal of the MultiFlap ensures a watertight and air seal between the toilet pan connector outlet and the waste pipe. This will remain so under conditions of thermal displacement and deflection in normal use.

Resistance to chemicals

Material used to manufacture the MultiFlaps will not be affected by effluent or normal toilet cleaners.


The MultiFlap can be removed after taking out the toilet pan, without damage to the toilet waste pipe, to allow pipe blockages to be cleared or the pipe to be replaced.


Under normal service conditions deterioration of the MultiFlap would be insignificant. The MultiFlap satisfactorily performed following testing to in excess of two million opening and closing cycles. The MultiFlap will have a life span of more than of 30 years in the opinion of the Government body which tested the valve.


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The MultiFlap is designed to:

  • Provide an affordable way to stop snakes, rats, frogs, cockroaches, spiders and other pests and the diseases they carry from getting into your home via the toilet
  • Prevent cross flow in back to back fitted toilets
  • Minimise the backflow of sewage waste in the case of a blockage in underground pipes
  • Help in flood prone areas by preventing solid matter coming back up into the toilet – In heavy rain water levels rise and snakes, rats, frogs etc. enter the pipes as a means of escape. 
  • Remove the need for road works or demolish walls to access the underground drainage system - our non return valves are easy to access.